It’s a rainy day and I’m feeling a little low. The rain barrel was turned over at my garden in the woods. A reminder that it is not my garden. I have a headache, took a tablet, that makes me feel a little sick in a different way. The women’s meeting was okay. I had a nice talk with my friend, Liliane in France, I do love language learning and I love the way Liliane laughs at my accent. I find it very helpful actually, because when she laughs I KNOW I have it very wrong. 

Just overall a cruddy feeling day. The thing I have learned in life is that there will be days when you feel cruddy and that is okay. It is just the way it is. C’est la vie. It is life.

This is when you need to write the gratitude list:

  1. I am glad there isn’t anything real and awful to be upset about. Like someone really sick, or an accident...
  2. I am super grateful for my passion— sewing. I will not live long enough to learn and do all that I want with sewing.
  3. Originally on #2 I had said I was grateful for my talent. Because I am passionate about something that I am good at! How awesome is that.