I am intent on hat making. I am looking at all of my too tight pants that are wasting space in my closets. I want to make them into hats, but should I cut them up? First of all, I can squish myself into my pants so maybe I will want to wear skin type jeans—-people do it all the time. Or maybe I will lose weight. I really do need to start counting my calories. Neonmoin, I am making denim newscaps these next couple of days.

Gratitude List: I‘m listening to NPR right now and they are discussing how journaling (!) and keeping a gratitude list (!) are super good for emotional well-being. Yay me.

  1. I’m grateful that I journal via this blog. 
  2. I’m grateful for being able to sew at this time of my life. And to housekeep. I know I am probably repeating myself. I’ll be more specific. I’m grateful that I can be here waiting for my rug delivery, that I have time and wherewithal to clear stuff out of the room, so that I can try to bribe these guys into helping me move the big pieces and get the rug in the TV room. 
  3. I am grateful that I am going to read “Dog Man - A Tale of Two Kitties” and share my thoughts about it with my grandson. 

It’s snowing on April 2nd!