I got a call yesterday from a gentleman whose girlfriend had seen me at Stangl. We both share a passion for what I call “newscaps”. He had a number of names for them that I wasn’t aware of. He is a hat enthusiast and wants to start a business selling custom hats. Who knows?? I’m still in my 5 year exploration phase. When I sent him a picture of me wearing my favorite Harris Tweed cap, his response was:

Nice piece...I see u have it broke down Ace/Duce..pulled forward/slight tilt to the right 

It was weird he called yesterday though, because I had just bought a new pattern for a patched newscap and it was all I could think about. I am going to finish it up right now so I can get to work preparing for Sunday — having Easter dinner. It will be a nice comfortable group. 

Gratitude List for Today:

  1. For friends to talk to.
  2. For Cornerstone Health Club and all of their classes.
  3. For spring finally being in the air.