I made some great lingerie, a gorgeous bralette and sexy panty out of lace that I purchased in Calais, Paris—-the home of dentelle— bought it in person, last fall. It wasn’t until I was nearly finished that I realized I was inspired by Stormy Daniels. So some good has come out of that stupid news story. Although, I know, I know, only the tip of her DDDD’s would fit in one of my cups. I interfaced it with iron on black mesh. I used clear elastic for the first time, and learned a thing or two. The snap fastener and straps were purchased in London and I’m glad to finally use them. I have made 4 pair of underwear in this knit go around. I also made a work out top using really cheap glow in the dark knit. It’s a love-hate relationship because I did look pretty cool in the neon lights of my spin class. This knit craze has helped with my serger threading skills. I can thread my serger pretty fast now. 

Gratitude for the day:

  1. I am grateful - super grateful for the rugs I bought yesterday. I hope they are the right size and that I like them. I am a very insecure rug purchaser. And rarely I have liked what I’ve gotten. 
  2. I’m grateful for friends who call me. Like Gigi did last night.
  3. I’m grateful for having a 17 year marriage that is so fine.