Exquisite Handstiched Wallet


Captiva Inspired - but made over a week which included a CA visit to see my dad. This little wallet represents about 15 hours of hand sewing. I don’t keep track when I’m making something like this. I love every minute spent on the endeavor. My purpose is to feed my need to create, to idle away my hours. It’s heaven to me right now. So most of the stitching was done during a 48 hour bond with my father. A very special time and a very special wallet. If you were to buy it, I would hope that it will be cherished.

This is rust denim outside, black felt applique. Lined with a sturdy attractive black cotton. The cotton is a home decor quality.

Every stitch done by hand. I tried to iron it at my dad’s house and some kind of “stuff” from his iron got on just appliqued wallet—-which at first I feared had ruined it, but really the gloss enhanced it and gives the wallet a bit of a sturdier feel.