Classic Dannybird Newscap


Look around, you will probably see a dannybird newscap somewhere! I’m sort of kidding, but seriously, I have sold tons of them. And people love them.

I make a number of colors and what you really need to do is email me and we will discuss what I have and what is right for you. A hat is a very personal business and warrants discussion.

I make cotton and wool.

Someone bought this hat recently and emailed to order another one. Here's what she said about the hat.

"I love my hat!!! I took it on a test hike today and it is perfect. Blocks the sun so I don't need glasses, keeps ticks from falling in my hair, and doesn't blow off in the wind."

You will never want to take off a hat that fits you perfectly. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure, fret, not. Find a string, ribbon, shoelace—wrap it around head, be sure to go right over the top of the eyebrows, catch the top off the ears (If they will be in hat), and don’t pull tight. Then use a straight ruler or tape measure and see how long it is.