I simply love to sew. It's meditative for me. I start creating and time goes by. I'm not saying that I am always in the NOW, however, I do get a lot of satisfaction from using my hands to create things.

I learned to sew as a girl. Sewing and reading were my salvations, they provided me the opportunity to turn off the rest of the world and lose myself in the moment. I put the sewing machine away in my twenties and took out a computer. For years, my old Singer was stowed away. One day, I took it out to make aprons for a math project I was putting together--the kids were going to be waiters and waitresses and learn about percentages by calculating tips and taxes. Since that day, I haven't stopped sewing. I even quit my job as a teacher!

I live in Lambertville, New Jersey with my husband and 2 dogs. I travel to London often--shopping for haberdashery and fabric.

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